I really love this book! By the first chapter I was ALL in. I love how the author gives an assignment to help the reader understand the importance of recognizing and resolving issues. This isn't just a book to read, it's a GUIDE.

-Chelsea Alston

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What Others Are Saying:

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    Cleopatra Morgan

    "It felt like she was actually sitting in the room coaching me"

    "What I like the most about the book is Teresa's transparency. It felt like she was actually sitting in the room coaching me as I positioned myself for the ring. It also had me to take a closer look at past relationships & exactly why they failed. It gave me the tools that I will need in my future relationship to set boundaries, discern true love, & be ready to submit to both God & him... I've already recommended this book to my sister & friends who are single as well as all of my single Facebook friends."

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    Stephanie Todd

    "The chapter I enjoyed most was chapter 9- The Power of Boundaries"

    Thank you again for writing the book POSITIONED TO BE FOUND I truly enjoyed it, I am 50 years old, I gave my life to Christ at the age of 27 and have participated in numerous singles and young adult ministries at my church, I only wish we had something like this to read at the time as it seems that certain topics were hush - hush in the church. I am thankful that someone like you was bold enough to be transparent and share some of the mistakes you made as a single woman which will ultimately help others.
    The Chapter I enjoyed the most was chapter 9 (The Power of Boundaries) I found this particularly interesting as I feel that most people don't set them which eventually leads the relationship in the wrong direction.

  • Christa Miles

    "I would've loved to have this in my collection before I got married!"

     As a wife and as a friend to single and engaged women I really want to encourage you to read this book. I read plenty books on dating advice and preparing for marriage books but this one stands out from the rest. Teresa will have you convicted, convinced, and conformed by the time you are finished reading. If you are a single (not married) woman this will definitely help getting in alignment with God's will for your relationship life.... Seriously, I would've loved to have this in my collection before I got married.....Positioned to be Found won't tell You how to Find a Man. It will teach you to Be Still and wait for God's best to Find You!!

Prepare yourself   now for what you are Praying for

"This book is simply amazing!"- C. Johnson

"You can't just read this book one time! The jewels of wisdom were so inspirational!"
- LaShonda F.

Positioned To Be Found is for YOU!!  Teresa did an excellent job of conveying inspirational and practical content that can be applied immediately! - Melissa



1. Guide you through the prcoess of finally being FREE! Free from your past. Free from your pain. Gain the courage you need to be REAL so you can HEAL

2. Teach you how to date in a God-honoring way without compromising your value 
3. Empower you to walk in purpose and trust God in your season of singleness
4. Coach you on breaking sexual bonds and soul ties so you can walk in purity
5. Share tips on how to recognize true love & avoid dead-end relationships 
6. Help you identify exactly what is keeping you “stuck” and has held you back from a long-lasting relationship
7. Give you the tools you need to develop your personal standards and boundaries while dating 
8. Transform your way thinking about marriage and living as a single woman. Each page is sure to spark positive change in your life
9. Encourage you to be the beautiful, virtuous woman God created you to be so you can live authentically and be prepared to love abundantly when God sends your husband

Oh, yes! I want to get this book.
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"Although completing only seven chapters of Positioned To Be Found, Thank you! I got engaged on my birthday!" - Stephanie Gayfield

I want the book in my hands.
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Who is behind 'Positioned To Be Found'?

Hello! I'm Teresa Renee Hunt.
Life-Makeover Strategist, Marriage Prep Mentor, Speaker, Wife, and Mom. And I know all about the power of preparation because my preparation process of going from broken to bride, and heartbreak to helpmate has been the saving-grace of my marriage! A marriage is only as healthy as the two people in it, and I'm so glad I started working on myself before I said “I DO”! Wheeww, my marriage wouldn't be all I dreamed of if I hadn't.  Now, I am passionate about teaching women just like you the importance of transforming your life before becoming a wife!
You see about 9 years ago, I desired to be married but my life was.....well....a mess. No one knew it though. I covered it up very well with my smile, make-up, heels, and yes, even leadership positions in the church. After being frustrated with relationships-gone-wrong, multiple heartbreaks, losing my identity, and being tired of compromising; I finally surrendered my will, took off my mask, changed my habits, established standards, and as a result- my life transformed completely! It was when I came to understand that my season of singleness had purpose that I began to properly prepare for what was to come.
Now that I'm married, and I coach women; helping them break free from emotional baggage, discover their identity, and love abundantly, I wanted to share exclusive life-changing wisdom with you! In my book, Positioned To Be Found, I have poured out everything from my personal experiences which I know you can relate to, to common trends & mistakes among women & how to overcome them, how to stand strong as a Christian single who desires to be a wife one day, and how to effectively be in a relationship that leads to the ring! I mixed this with biblical truths, wife-wisdom, plus action steps you can take at the end of each chapter which will prepare you to be the best woman you can be now and a virtuous wife in the future!
So now's your chance to get ready for the ring before it's even on your finger! Better women make better wives!
Your time is now! Your preparation starts today! Be sure to order your copy of my #1 Best Selling Book Positioned To Be Found HERE

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